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Poquonock School Welcome Back


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Event details

Event Name: ??Grill and Chill outdoor event (Prek-2)
Venue: ??Poquonock School
Venue address: ??1760 Poquonock Ave
??????????????????????????????Windsor, Connecticut
Event Start: ??8/26/21 ??- 4:00
Event End: ??????8/26/21 ??- 6:00

Event Website: ??https://poq.windsorct.org/
Expected number of attendees: ??400
Requested number of characters: ??8
Requested character types:??
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Can troopers carry blasters: No
Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: No
Is parking available: Yes
Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
Amenities available at venue: The difficulty is that the rules on guests with Covid restrictions not set in stone yet. Certainly can have visitors outside and may be restricted to only vaccinate din building.
Comments: This is ??a Grill and Chill outdoor event to welcome the kids back to school??and this would be a great way to have an exciting start to the school year. Mat also said that I should say that Rebels are also welcome.
This event is on a week day in the??afternoon??so its a long shot but worth seeing if we can get a few members to attend. I will update the event once there is more??information for that.??Arrival time would be early, around 3:00pm??depending on costume.??
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