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  2. Looks amazing!!! You are goin in with all these costumes! You don’t play around I guess. Lol I think this one looks really great too. Best of luck. I don’t know much about this costume but it is from Rogue One right? Looks awesome! Great pictures too! Where did you have these taken?
  3. Last week
  4. Awesome! Thanks! I know everyone can get busy with other things so I'm not being too impatient, just excited to get cleared for Terrificon. Thanks, Joe!!
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    Would love to do I'll be there but can't do the 3 hours on Saturday cause I'll be with 2 jawas that are not 501st approved but definitely hang out as long as I can
  6. Don't mind the last picture. I was dying from the heat under that helmet lolol. This helmet definitely needs fans. Because of the design it doesn't allow ANY air to get inside and it fogs up almost immediately and allows no air current to get inside. With Boba all I have to do is lift my chin into a breeze and I'm fine. Not with this one lolol So the fans I pulled out of my Fett helmet WILL be going into this one. I also think I have to tighten the shoulder straps to get the back plate to pull up more and have the batons sit straight up and down. I also have to tighten the belt, it kept sliding down out of place. Other than those little things I think it's ready. Wish me luck.
  7. Okay, I sent my approval pics out 7 days ago and am sitting on pins and needles. Hoping this can get approved before Terrificon.
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    Is anyone look for a roomate? 1. I'm a male 44years old. 2. coming from western mass.
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    Got my weekend pass!!
  10. I will be there on Saturday for alittle while
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    Trying to sign up but won't do anything going for Saturday 1pm to 4pm
  12. Earlier
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    Trust me when I say I know that communication breakdown all too well…
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    I will be attending this year from NEG/Green Mountain Squad. I have heard great things about it!
  15. I am down for two days (either Fri/Sat or Sat/Sun, gotta call the hotel and verify our reservation dates). Skipping the aftercon dinner as money is super tight. Gonna try to lug out Jodo for a single shift or less, the rest will be in Officer costume!
  16. Lgrad



    I have asked what was done in the past for other groups. I know that last year was our 1st time so we are figuring this out atm and the organizers are not great with communication.
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    No Idea, I will connect with them. I know I will be there.
  18. Spacer_V



    Id love to attend and help out with any saber guild things! Id be able to come down on Friday!, then doing a PTI back in the Boston area on saturday.
  19. According to what I have seen the CTG has said NO and the RL is sending a small group to this. They probably made the posters before they got a answer from the CTG
  20. Awesome! Terrificon is always a good time. Will you be hanging around for the after-con dinners?
  21. Yours if you want it. I was going to repurpose an arm for my jawa lol
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