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  2. I can do Saturday Feb 24th. Sunday, I can do only the morning to 1pm.
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    It won't load for me to see.
  5. There was a specific request from the student film makers for characters. Please check with Legairre before signing up!
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    Yale shoot


    Its a video shoot for specific members that were requested for a video. Only Officers and Stormtroopers. The event was made for a subgroup that signed up via FB 1st on a message. Your more than welcome to join to help out though. Script for the scene Take a look! Phyto_Scene.pdf
  7. Congrats all! Great team, great garrison! Here’s to another wonderful year of events and gatherings. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  8. B, in the last indy 'movie' Andy T, John H and I were in a few years ago with Columbia University...its was mostly waiting around in costume before the shoots. I think in the 8 or so total hours we were there, maybe 2 hours we were actually working in front of the cameras.
  9. What is the Yale Shoot? I'm interested in going but would like to know what it is and what we're expected to do. Thanks.
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    What is a Yale Shoot?
  11. Congratulations again to all members of our Command Staff!! I love this club!! You guys rock!
  12. Me too! I can fit FOUR other troopers in my starship other than me as the pilot. Yes. So with you, me and Kyle I still have space for two more. Definitely. LOLOL!! Sorry Chewie.
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  14. Your 2024 Command Staff is as follows CO - Joe Civitello XO - Nick Scofield GEC - Legairre Radden GML - Ray Umerly - Assistant GML- Jim Sprenkle GMBO - Jan Abustan GPRO - Lou Secki & Seth MacIntosh GWM - Ezra Bailey GWL - Jan Abustan GCL - Jimbo Norris & Seth McIntosh Armorer - Walt Vongher
  15. Keep in mind these CRLs are very different (I'm not sure if IOC has finished the Ahsoka variant yet). Make sure you're consistent with one or the other!
  16. I’m gonna be a handler for this and no wookiee
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    I’m switching to being the handler for this and not suiting up
  18. I would start with WampaWear as they have both the tunic and the white jodhpurs to match, are US based, accurate, and relatively fast to ship. They offer standard sizes: https://wampawear.com/product-category/uniform/ A second option is Magnoli Clothiers and they have the full uniform as well. All of their uniforms are made to measure and they tend to have very long lead times. Make sure you get the measurements right as customer service is hit or miss otherwise: https://www.magnoliclothiers.com/imperial-uniform-p-1134.html Clothears is a third option in a similar fashion to Magnoli but I’m unsure if they produce a Grand Admiral uniform: https://clothearscostumes.com/replicas/ Denuo Novo has a white tunic but no matching jodhurs and it will be a struggle to match their specific fabric.
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    Sorry to back out last minute. I’ve been fighting a cold all week and I done need to get people sick or be miserable in a costume.
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    Hey just want to say the twins Mike and Branden are coming he is trying to log on to the page but it won’t let him
  21. Ahoy Friends! I have decided to build a Grand Admiral Thrawn costume, specifically how he appears in Rebels/Ahsoka. I know we have one approved Thrawn in our Garrison already, which is a boon, and I will appreciate all of your help and input. For parts, all I really have for the moment are the boots. If you have seen my Han Solo costume, it’s the exact same pair. They are knee high black English riding boots made from leather, and have no fasteners or zippers. The trickiest part of this costume will be the soft parts, specifically the tunic and trousers. They must be made of the same material, and the trousers must be made of a reasonably durable material so that my prosthetic knee doesn’t chew a bunch of holes in them. For those of you who have gotten officers approved, who made your uniforms? I will most likely need to commission both the tunic and trousers. I will post updates here as they come along. Thanks for joining me on this mission!
  22. Pieces and parts are starting to come in! Earlier in the week I received the gloves from Endor Finders, Ukswrath’s shoulder bell brackets, and Tony Jobe’s harness kit. The Black Series Riot Baton also arrived: I managed to get in touch with 850 Armor Works for one of their Riot Shield kits and that’s in process. I also downloaded files for the SE-44C blaster from the FISD forums and started printing the pieces for that: Then today, about 5 days after I ordered, the BBB from Denuo Novo showed up at the door along with the helmet and neck seal! Still several things on order but I’ll start unboxing soon and should be able to start the trimming process!
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    Hi All, I have added event detail info
  24. The shoot will be the 24th most likely between 3:30 pm - 8 pm. On the 25th, most likely 10 am - 5 pm For locations, your scenes would be divided between West Rock State Park and Yale's campus in New Haven more details to come Topic is for discussion of event. To Sign up/RSVP for this event, please visit the calendar link: Yale shoot
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    The shoot will be the 24th most likely between 3:30 pm - 8 pm. On the 25th, most likely 10 am - 5 pm For locations, your scenes would be divided between West Rock State Park and Yale's campus in New Haven more details to come
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    We usually have a table for each club with plenty of space for props, so it wouldn't hurt to bring it. Grabby people (mostly but not always kids) have historically not been too much trouble with the crowds and number of handlers at this event, but it's something to consider before you put an item that you care about on the table.
  27. I'm so excited! This is gonna be awesome!!!!!
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