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Yale New Haven Hospital Storytime Visit April 6th

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Storytime details: 
These events are part of the larger children's storytime rotation at YNH, and members who participate must be willing and able to read/tell a story to the kids. If your costume prevents you from doing this, we may be able to partner you with someone who can. The population of the children's ward varies greatly, so you will need to be flexible about accomodating different ages (toddler to preteen) and numbers (2 to maybe 10). Because of the intimate nature of these visits, we are curating attendees to ensure that they have some variety of characters and not too many "scary" characters. Please state your interest below, and Kris will both select who is going for this event and note anyone else who was interested for priority in future events. We are targeting monthly events, so everyone will get a turn.

Medical requirements: Covid + 1 booster minimum, flu shot for current season, and wear a mask while in the hospital

Parking address: Air Rights Garage, 60 York Street, New Haven (see below for more information)
Arrival time: 10:30 am
End time: 12 pm

10:30-12 includes getting ready, story time, and getting ready to leave. Usually the group portion of storytime is 45 min-1 hour, and the remaining time can be for those who may need visits in their rooms.

Number of Characters: 3 max.
Lead: John Hajnal
Supporting: TBD
Rob Wing, Child Life Assistant
Sheryl Sobolewski, Coordinator of Volunteer Programs-York Street Campus
203.688.7456 (
sheryl.sobolewski@ynhh.org to email forms ahead of time if desired)
From our coordinators:
The most convenient parking is in the Air Rights Garage, 60 York Street, New Haven. The following link will provide help with wayfinding: 
https://www.ynhh.org/locations/new-haven-20-york-street.aspx (scroll down to parking and select Short Term Parking). Please park on level 4, 6, or 8 for a cost of $1 per hour.  You will use your garage entry ticket to access one of these levels.  Parking on any other level will result in a higher fee. Covered pedestrian connections to the hospital can be found on floor 2 and 4 of the garage.

Yale New Haven Guest Services can assist with directing you to the Volunteer Services office located at 20 York Street on the 1st Floor, East Pavilion, in the Atrium next to the cafeteria. There is a One-Time Guest Volunteer form (2 sided) which you can find in the Kamino Base Google Drive at 
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1uqNjaTFpExkeUzhbkuhRfNSLl9Z7OFHZ?usp=sharing.  Each ‘guest volunteer’ should arrive with the completed paperwork, documentation of COVID Vaccination and (1) Booster, and documentation of Flu vaccination for this season. Forms should be turned into Sheryl or one of her colleagues. Blank One-Time Guest forms will be available in the Volunteer Office if needed.

Though you will not be provided a volunteer uniform or ID, you will still be representing our organization. Please help us to create a great first impression for patients and families by following our Standards of Appearance: please no jeans, shorts, short skirts, or sandals. For health & safety reasons please no artificial nails or strong scents (perfume/cologne etc.).  Any guest who is sick should remain home.

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