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  1. until

    Also quick question. I know the post says 5 but would It be better to arrive at 3 like at the wolf pack game?
  2. until

    This snowy can???t miss a good hockey game! I???ll be there!
  3. Just signed up! Can???t??wait!!!
  4. until

    I unfortunately may not be able to go after all since I have a surgery later today and I???ll have to see how I???m doing.??Otherwise I hopefully will see you guys there tomorrow!
  5. until

    I can do Saturday afternoon 1-4
  6. until

    I???ll be there all 3 days and have my tickets already.??I do have some other plans but I???d be able to take the afternoon shift on Friday and Saturday as a snowy!
  7. until

    Sign me up as well!??I???ll be happy to rep blizzard force as a snowie on this hot summer day!
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