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Death Watch Nite Owl Costume Feedback Request

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I'm finishing up making changes to my Death Watch Nite Owl costume based on previous feedback from the forum about a year ago (yikes!) and am looking for feedback before I try to actually apply for membership.  Thanks everyone for your help.IMG_7686.thumb.jpeg.494bbf2d437854f8b395d14b6c6bde6a.jpegIMG_7687.thumb.jpeg.701015c3c08636d94696d95b46f39baf.jpegIMG_7689.thumb.jpeg.92e135499f229ed1eb357d49a02f251e.jpegIMG_7694.thumb.jpeg.f817b04cd619646866e02187c74b387c.jpeg

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It looks good, only things I see are the back boxes should be separated a little more ( might be just when suiting up they got pushed together) and it looks like one is missing the flap? ( might just be shadows) 


and the helmet has light grey on the cheeks with the white in the center 

Again it might be lighting (which it is after looking at your pictures from last time)

I remember the last time we saw your pics and it looks great with the changes that were pointed out last time. 

I think you can submit it for approval with no problem 






TS commander 12614


I have a pet Wookiee too

ROTJ vader 

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Please to meet you Kim!  Personally I think this looks awesome as well! I am not up on the CRL though but it looks great!




Imperial Death Trooper, ANH Vader, and Sandtrooper (who wouldn't know a droid if it were sitting in a speeder right in front of his face)

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Hey there! I just got confirmation that I was accepted, so thanks for the help!

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Nice to meet you Kim!

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On 4/29/2024 at 5:18 PM, Russok said:

Hey there! I just got confirmation that I was accepted, so thanks for the help!

Congratulations!! It's always great to add another Mandalorian to our ranks!! Welcome aboard, Vod!!! 

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