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  1. Started making yet something else while pieces print, paint dries lol
  2. next build party date is october 8th at walts shop
  3. Exactly, it’s a easy way to get multiple suits and be able to switch between them with not a lot of $ for the elaborate kits and you can also be a handler in costume with one of the more elaborate suits to assist with pictures, crowd control, and just general safety for your fellow garrison members.
  4. To keep them in place, try adding industrial Velcro to your sleeves and inside the gauntlet or some of the green foam inside them, or maybe add some parachute buckles inside them and “snap” them in place. from looking at your photos the grey shirt sleeves are too long and should stop just below your shoulder armor. Everything else looks good.
  5. until

    I’m gonna see if my snowtrooper commander is in good shape, if so I will need a ride to make it. I can grab some citations from ray next weekend if he has any leftover
  6. Is there any potential new recruits signed up? Can you tell?
  7. That CRL is for the comic book version, the BOBF version has no CRL currently and is approvable for both RL and 501st with plenty of reference pics
  8. until

    Unfortunately I will not be attending, have fun
  9. Gonna try and have krrsantan done for this, might not be approved by the RL by this event tho
  10. Our GML and myself the assistant GML will be there tomorrow and when you are in full kit we can see in person how it looks and if it will pass I think you won’t have to take pics and then tomorrow’s troop can be your first official troop right @Maulevolent
  11. If it doesn’t look right, I’m gonna ride up and wrangle
  12. I am gonna see if my snowtrooper commander fits and if I can catch a ride I can go
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