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  1. until

    I won’t make it this morning. Have a great troop!
  2. Unfortunately, I’ve over extended myself with scheduling recently and need to back out of this event. See you at the Seymour Pumpkin Festival!
  3. It’s been a few years and my kit was a salvage mission I took from someone else, but I followed this guide for most of it: http://imperialgunners.com/tutorial/jaw_assembly.htm I do recommend doing the lens last once everything else is molded, shaped, and finished. Attach it to the dome and “ears” leaving a small gap between the lens and shelf for ventilation and fogging purposes.
  4. until

    I’ll be there and bring some citations with me!
  5. Bob, It was great having you with us! Really enjoyed getting to spend time with you and thanks for handing out citations and bringing people into the booth. You’re welcome to troop with us anytime! -Ray ps. Thanks for that great pic of us!
  6. I’ve done this event for several years (including last year) as I’m friends with one of the organizers and it’s right around the corner from my house. Nice easy troop with a friendly staff and good location! I was excited to see this pop up, but I’ll need to see about availability as I’m also hosting an event at home that afternoon. It might be hard to do this and ensure everything is ready for that.
  7. I know it’s a 501st CRL. Is it also RL? https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:BH_Black_Krrsantan
  8. Welcome, Gian! No Imperial organization would be complete without due process For record keeping purposes, we’ll still want pics and a formal submission on file to review before final approval by the GML(s) and the Garrison CO. Please follow the Approval Process instructions outlined in the linked Membership & Approval Handbook thread for pics and submission entry. As you mentioned, tomorrow would be a great opportunity to take those shots in kit in natural lighting! For the parade tomorrow, you’re welcome to march with us under a provisional pass for the kit pending the formal submission, review, and approval. If possible, please provide some additional shots of the costume (front, back, and sides) before tomorrow so we can check off the initial boxes before you show up Once approved post parade, we can then apply this troop retroactively as your first of hopefully many to come. Hopefully this is clear and amenable! Again, welcome and let us know if you have any further questions!
  9. I was planning on Kylo with the rainbow blade….I can adjust if necessary.
  10. Going to see about wrapping up the Starkiller Base version of Kylo in advance of this along with my rainbow sword
  11. Those look great! Love the chrome use and resulting effect! Interesting choice of music though
  12. This was incredible to see in person! You looked awesome!
  13. March 4 is both the Bridgeport Islanders and the Gala so I assume most would be out. I’m out for February 18 as well as I’m dressing as Ant-Man for the Quantumania premiere at the Prospector, but go on without me!
  14. Packaged everything up for submission! Costume: Director Krennic Version 1 CRL Used: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:ID_Director_Krennic Parts and Sources: Tunic, Jodhpurs, and Cape - Denuo Novo Rank Bar - BaileyBuilds Code Cylinders - PhiloProps Belt and Buckle - WampaWear Gloves - eBay (IOC recommended seller) Boots - Hessen Antique Holster and Ammo Loops - DarmanProps DT-29 Blaster and Ammo - 3D printed by me Version 2 with the hat and poncho is next once I receive the poncho from CrowProps. Hoping to square that away for the parade!
  15. Finished the DT-29 blaster and pretty happy with the result. 3D printed and finished with a combination of rattle can gloss black and metallic silver and finished with brushed acrylics, washes, and airbrushing. I’m working on completing the three ammo packs now for the belt. Here they are printed and primed:
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