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  1. Kessel Temple is happy to join forces as the CT Star Wars Groups again! I'll bring our big group banner
  2. until

    I'll be there helping organize the SG end of things! I can troop and wrangle for the weekend
  3. until

    SG is doing a pregrame performance and kids lightsaber training
  4. For anyone not sure if they're going to attend due to mobility issues, Saber Guild has a float that you can sit on. We're constructing the benches this weekend, so if you think you'd like to ride, just please message me at kesseltemple@gmail.com so we can ensure there's room.
  5. We have a Luke Skywalker in our group who has been wearing his ROTJ a lot. I can ask if he can wear his Xwing Luke! ??
  6. I haven't done this parade in a few years, but typically we park on Orange st and get bussed to the line-up area. Where the parade ends brings you right back to your car. Like most parade, there is a lot of standing around and waiting so wearing layers is key (if your costume allows for layers!)
  7. Going! I'm encouraging??our SG group members to RSVP here as well so we can see how massive our star wars presence will be at the parade this year
  8. I attended this con with Saber Guild last year! There is a ramp you can use to enter the venue. Really minimal stairs.??It is on the smaller side. It's got a small ballroom, then a grill/restaurant, which then leads to a porch space where all the fan groups were set-up last year. SG will be attending again this year and running a panel that 501 is more than welcome to join.
  9. until

    Happy to debut my Rebel Legion Twi'lek Jedi!
  10. Hi everyone! I wasn't sure where to post this, I felt weird making an event on your boards, so putting it here! I'm Kate, local director for Saber Guild Kessel Temple, and we've been invited back to the Bristol Mum Festival! This is a 2-day event (9/25-9/26) and on Saturday we'll be running a booth in the Kids Zone from 12PM-6PM, and on Sunday we're marching in the parade. We would LOVE for anyone here to join us! We??will be getting a nice donation from the festival in return for our appearance (donation will go to the Ronald McDonald House of CT). Please reach out to me on FB (Kate Slomkowski) or e-mail??(kesseltemple@gmail.com) if you're interested. This is a fun event, it's a big fair and gets really good attendance.
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