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  1. Pleasure to make your acquaintance. I'm currently working (albeit slowly) on a custom legacy Mando. Might I inquire what the difference is between the Mandalorian Protectors and the Mandalorian Mercs?
  2. 2/18 works for me as well. Silver Lanes in East Hartford has not been loungified.
  3. Dang, it's my son's birthday, so I won't be able to attend. On the bright side, he told me he wants to watch Revenge of the Sith with me for his birthday movie night.
  4. Thanks. I planned on sanding around all the edges to smooth them out and get rid of the strings.
  5. Trying to follow up on my new year's resolution to work on my Mando armor. Question for those who've worked with sintra, is it a problem if the outer layer frays/peels along the edges, or can I slap some putty on those spots and sand it down?
  6. I want to go bowling! I'm good most nights except Wednesday/Thursday and 1/23 and 1/31.
  7. until

    Some pics from today's event.
  8. until

    What time should we arrive to suit up?
  9. Finished painting the helmet and gauntlets.?? Next up scoring and blackwashing.
  10. until

    Presumptuously signing up for this in the hope that I get picked.
  11. Got my top coat of paint on, pulled of the tape and washed off the toothpaste.?? Still need to apply a blackwash to the exposed areas.?? A portion of tape ended up pulling up all the paint down to the primer on the front, so I'll need to redo that area.?? Thinking I might just apply the base silver and try to get it to look like a blaster hit.
  12. I've slifhtly modified my initial design, and have decided to go with a legacy armor design. ?? Making decent progress on the helmet.?? Applied base silver coat, added toothpaste for weathering effects, put on second gold layer, and now adding tape before applying the final black layer. ??
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