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  1. Do I need to send pics to you and where do I send money?
  2. Okay kool what do I have to do
  3. Are we doing another card run?
  4. I'll bring them Saturday at terrificon if your gonna be there
  5. I have a rubies vader chest pc and belt for anyone who wants it. Free I'm went for rouge one vader so don't need them I believe the are rotj I can send pics if any one is interested.
  6. I need to change my spot to Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon if this is possible
  7. until

    Oh okay thanks anyway was really happy an event that I could have done time wise. Next time. And got the email which was huge thank you for that
  8. until

    What's walts address?
  9. until

    Don't have flu shot but it's not flu season so I can't go correct. Also is this a costumed event.
  10. until

    I'm going but not parking cars cant see good enough??
  11. I'll be up here in east Hartford on sunday I can stop by after 5pm if that's okay.?? I can pay pal you now or give you cash on sunday let me know and need your address for gps for sunday.
  12. Jimbo is it still available and if so where do you live??
  13. I'll buy it if it's still available??
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