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  1. @Backpacks Got Jets??Kendra and I are signed up for Sat.?? Looks like with Palp, Luke, Mara, and Thrawn we could get a nice old school Legends Heir to the Empire photo going.??
  2. until

    Love doing this event with you all. Such a good time.
  3. until

    Kendra and I would love to join you all again.?? No worries if there aren't passes available this year.
  4. Thanks, I'd appreciate it.?? Bespin Luke's boots are not great for outdoor wear ironically.
  5. I'd prefer to be going as RotJ Luke Skywalker, but if there are others I can swap to Bespin as well. ?? I think @LothCatan??was leaning??Bo Katan.??
  6. If there's room Kendra and I would be interested in coming down to visit and troop with you all again!
  7. Our best bet would be Sat Mid day since that gives us more time to drive down (also we can help out with a certain Dark Lord from our neck of the woods).?? We would be willing to stick around and help clean up at end of day if you need the help.?? If that doesn't work we can do the Sunday morning or afternoon. Whichever is best for you folks.????
  8. Kendra and I were thinking of heading down as well.?? Is there a day/time where we could best fill in? We could do either Sat or Sunday and help with setup or breakdown if needed.????
  9. until

    I noticed some folks had posted their costumes.?? Thought I'd add ours here: Scott: Luke Skywalker (RotJ) Kendra: Iden Versio??
  10. until

    Hello,?? I'm a member of Alderaan Base who trooped at the last event in 2019. I would love to attend again, as would others I'm sure, but we don't want to take spaces from local CT Members since there's a cap.?? I'll happily drop if needed, but am looking forward to seeing everyone again!
  11. until

    I'll be there, this year I'll have my Rogue One Blue Squadron X-Wing Pilot rather than a Jedi. Kendra is planning to wear Inferno Squadron Iden Versio, assuming it's approved/day passed. Helmet should arrive any day now!
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