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  1. until

    I'll be there! Going as ANH TK.
  2. until

    Time Travelers Weekend was really fun last year! I'd be able to do Saturday in my TK.
  3. until

    Yes, thank you. I still plan on going. If anyone needs to contact me you can call or text 407-666-9700. -Nick
  4. until

    Sounds really fun! Count me in. Going as ANH TK
  5. until

    Sorry to see that the event was moved. I won't be able to make it. Sounds like a great time though. Hope yall have fun!
  6. ndamario

    Somers Scarecrow Festival 2021

    Somers Scarecrow Festival 2021 Sorry I only have a couple of photos from??the event. It was a great time and if anyone has more pictures, please post them here.
  7. Hey all, I'm excited for the troop this Saturday! I just finished my E-11 Blaster and was hoping to get it approved so I can bring it to the event. It is a heavily modified Rubies blaster. I followed along with Happytrooper's tutorial??https://youtu.be/LrSRk5IlSJY??and added a few extra details. I even printed extensions for the barrel and receiver to make it the proper length. I'm just looking for basic approval. There are some missing details and I realize that I can only take a rubies mod so far.
  8. Awesome and good to know. Thank you! I have looked into the Heavy Weapons Trooper and I think that would be a lot of fun! As things stand now I'm still working on an E-11 blaster for my TK. Figure I'd better see how that goes first
  9. I was given an orange one as a gift and was wondering what the rules are for the??CT garrison concerning pauldrons and wearing them to events. Same question for CTG trading cards. My only costume is ANH Stunt TK. Thanks!
  10. This picture was taken at a convention in Orlando, FL in 1999 or so.??It was a fantastic con with the likes of Kenny Baker, Peter Mayhew, Jeremy Bulloch, all signing autographs. (I believe Adam West was also there but he had a room all to himself lol.) I remember standing next to David as he signed my poster and we took a photo. He said "Lean on my shoulder like we're buddies." I did so timidly.??"No, come on and really lean into it."??He seemed like a really good guy who loved the fans. I remember seeing him at other conventions years later. I wish I had gotten another photo.
  11. Sweet cab! That is such a great four??player setup. I've been working on restori??ng this 1978 Space Invaders??cocktail cabinet. The glass table top is pretty scratched up. I need to figure out how to replace or resurface it.
  12. Congrats! The costume is great and I look forward to seeing it in person once things start to get back to normal.
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