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  1. until

    I gotta skip this one, trooped last night plus long drive and predicting rain the entire day
  2. until

    I mean I’m feeling too lazy to get in costume cause I have to color my hair and tattoos. I learned my lesson in NYC I’m NOT wearing my generic Jedi outside in summer again
  3. until

    Do we have a wrangler for this? I think everyone’s helmeted except me so I’m debating going plainclothes. if everyone’s in helmets and it’s hot out I want us to have a full, out of costume, wrangler. Plus I’m feeling a little lazy
  4. Gonna drop from this one, going out of town to visit family
  5. Finruiniel

    New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2023

    Mar 12, 2023 members from CTG, Kamino Base, SG Kessel Temple, Alderaan Base, Devaron Base and Empire City Garrison.
  6. until

    Gonna swap myself over to the hockey game, since we’ve got tons of people for this one.
  7. Y’all make a good point, I think I’ll switch to this one instead of the gala. Less of a drive for me too.
  8. until

    EXTREMELY bummed I have to drop out. Have to be out of town for family stuff.
  9. until

    Another fancy troop?? Sign me UP
  10. until

    Oh no wait I thought this was the 9th? I had it on my calendar for tomorrow…
  11. until

    Ooh this is actually close by for me
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