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  1. The first two pieces of my Legends Thrawn build have arrived: epaulets made by our very own Ezra! Thanks, friend!
  2. I’ve changed my mind! I will be building Legends Thrawn instead. That costume has fewer parts, is easier to find parts, and allows me to dye my hair a natural color. What turned me away from Rebels Thrawn was the difficult time I was having finding certain parts, especially the trousers made of the same material as a tunic.
  3. Ahoy Friends! I have decided to build a Grand Admiral Thrawn costume, specifically how he appears in Rebels/Ahsoka. I know we have one approved Thrawn in our Garrison already, which is a boon, and I will appreciate all of your help and input. For parts, all I really have for the moment are the boots. If you have seen my Han Solo costume, it’s the exact same pair. They are knee high black English riding boots made from leather, and have no fasteners or zippers. The trickiest part of this costume will be the soft parts, specifically the tunic and trousers. They must be made of the same material, and the trousers must be made of a reasonably durable material so that my prosthetic knee doesn’t chew a bunch of holes in them. For those of you who have gotten officers approved, who made your uniforms? I will most likely need to commission both the tunic and trousers. I will post updates here as they come along. Thanks for joining me on this mission!
  4. until

    I just got approved in The Dark Empire! I will wear my generic smuggler to this one so that we have a fourth club represented, and to roll out that shiny new costume!
  5. until

    I’d love to attend as Han Solo (ANH) for this one, unless of course @Dublin wants to be the scoundrel. I can always be a Jedi.
  6. I’ll see if I can get a day pass to wear my Han Solo. That costume is still being judged, but I can’t wait to wear it!
  7. Hey gang, I hit a major snag on my quest to get my Anakin approved in all three fan clubs. My application to the Rebel Legion was denied. The reason? The outer tunic and leather tabards were both too short. Unfortunately both will have to be replaced. There goes my spending money for the next few months! The judge also said that the obi appeared too narrow (which it isn???t), and that the covertec clip was the wrong style (which it was). The clip is easy to fix. I already ordered one in the correct style. I admit that I am deeply frustrated by this setback. It???s painful to sink a lot of money into a costume, only to have a stranger tell you that it???s not good enough.
  8. until

    I???m afraid I have to back out. I just got assigned to work at the railroad that day. Sorry guys!
  9. You can add my name, Bill McNally, to the participating costumers list. I am building a Custom Mandalorian for MMCC approval.
  10. until

    I???ll be there in my Jedi robes.
  11. Hey Troopers! I???m excited to tell you all that my Pre-Armor Vader is nearing completion. I have all the major and minor components except for the leather tabards, which are due to arrive on??? May 4th! Once those are in, I will have a complete costume, and it will be time to take approval pictures! Those will be added in a separate thread. I do have one question, though, and that concerns contact lenses. In the CRL for Pre-Armor Vader, it states that the contact lenses (to create the ???Sith eyes??? effect) are an essential part of the costume, but can be waived if the costumer is unable to wear them. In other clubs, such as Saber Guild, contact lenses are considered medical devices, and are never mandated. I have never worn contact lenses, and have never needed to do so. Could I possibly get away without using the contacts?
  12. I???ll be there! Going as a Jedi. If anyone asks (and you know they will), I???m there to recruit you guys to the light side.
  13. Ahoy Troopers and Sith Lords! New recruit here. My name is Bill, and I am (as you might have guessed) a big Star Wars enthusiast! I have a generic Jedi costume that is approved by both Saber Guild and the Rebel Legion. Currently I am working on a ROTS Anakin/Pre-armor Vader that I hope to get approved in all three fan clubs - Saber Guild, Rebel Legion, and 501st Legion.?? I'm curious to know if I can troop with you guys despite not being 501st approved. In RL and SG we allow members of other clubs to troop with us. Does the same hold true in the 501st? Either way, I'm excited to troop with you, and learn from you all!??
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