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  1. Congrats all! Great team, great garrison! Here’s to another wonderful year of events and gatherings. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  2. Boba Fresh will be there! 😀
  3. until

    Can’t wait! This is always a fun weekend!
  4. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see it in person! Great job brother!
  5. I’m sad that we won’t be there. I wish you didn’t change the date. 😭
  6. Hi Rich! Welcome to our hangout! Hope to troop with you someday soon.
  7. I put our names in the spreadsheet. See you all there!
  8. I love this event. The kids are always so excited. But, we won’t be able to go this time. We are leaving for Florida on Saturday. Have a wonderful troop everyone!
  9. Yah, why not finish him up? He’d be a great prop at the cons!
  10. Hello there! I am posting this here on the forum first, to see if anyone in our garrison has any interest. NOYZBOX - Jawa Edition - Sound Glove System with Personal Amplifier $250.00 plus shipping 19 Jawa Sound effects controlled by finger buttons on a pair of wired gloves! Background: I bought a sound glove for my wife’s Jawa costume from someone on Etsy a while ago. And, while the glove was pretty decent, it only had 4 sounds controlled by press one of 4 buttons that were mounted to the palm of the glove. I wanted to improve on this idea where you could have a button for each finger on each hand that could each have a different sound effect. Also the one that I purchased had to be mounted on your arm, which tended to be quite bulky and uncomfortable to wear. So I came up with what I am calling the Noyzbox - a device that could be worn by clipping onto your pants or belt and uses 2 gloves, with 5 buttons each, that connect to the device via the included Cat-5 cables with wire management clips to keep the wires from falling. (Also included). Each button, located in the top of each finger and thumb, has an individual sound with one unique button that can produce additional random sounds! (That’s 9 fixed sounds - one for each finger - plus 10 randomly generated sounds on the tenth finger, all totaling 19 different sound effects!) *Updated edition now has the full length Cantina Band song that plays once the left thumb button is pressed. The song continues to play until the left thumb button is pressed again! I mounted the buttons to the top of the fingers so that you can still grip things, like your blaster, without accidental activation. Simply press the top each finger with your thumb 👌🏼to activate the sound. This gives the cosplayer many more options for interaction with a plethora of sounds, literally at your finger-tips. These sound gloves are made of stretchy nylon that will fit almost any hand size and is worn underneath a larger pair of (in this Jawa set) a pair of dark brown jerzey-gloves (included). This will hide the wires and allow for discreetly pressing the hidden buttons on your fingertips. The Noyzbox is a uniquely designed 3D printed case which is powered by a 9-volt battery (not included). It has a small 1/8” audio out jack that allows you to plug into the aux input of the (included) portable amplifier. This Noyzbox is my own unique design and has the ability to have other character sounds that I hope to make available in the near future. But for now, it comes preloaded with 19 Jawa sound effects. Give your Jawa costume a more interactive sound feature with this plug and play sound effects kit that I call Noyzbox! PS: I will try to make a video demo for this soon!
  11. until

    No worries. Your Boba looks amazing, and I’m sure your DW will too. That’s why I made a TK so others can do Boba once in a while.
  12. until

    I was hoping to go as Boba Fett, but I’ll let Brenda have the Fett game on this one. I can do a TK instead. As long as the weather is still nice.
  13. Do you remember where you got yours from?
  14. Sorry, I just saw this. Those gauntlets look rather simple to create in 3D design. I’m sure I could re-engineer them to have a different type of closure device. I would just need some dimensions first. They look thick walled enough to make some kind of pin latch system that could work. Kimberly, send me a PM and we can discuss dimensions and thoughts for this. I’m sure I can help.
  15. Welcome to CT! We would love to have you troop with us sometime.
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