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  1. Great job as always Ez! Thank you for your hard work!
  2. Awesome!!! We could have the whole Clone Force 99 if we get just a few more peeps to start a build! Unfortunately, I don’t fit the body types needed. I’m too large for the average clone and too small to be Wrecker.
  3. I might try to make the journey. If I do, I’ll bring my SWU cards so someone can show me the basics. Lol
  4. Swiftcloud

    Boba Fett - MS2 Repaint

    Here are some pics of my Boba Fett from Mandalorian Season 2 after being refreshed (last few episodes of the season) The armor was hand made, by myself, from Sintra (closed cell rigid plastic foam) The helmet is made by Redbow Props, painted and assembled by myself. The jetpack is from ManOfWar Studios, painted and assembled by myself. (I 3D printed the main rocket and thrusters for convenience and technical upgrades) Most of the soft goods, including the shirt w/cowl, flak vest and Kama made by Greylonesplace. Baggy pants are from SHEIN. Rope belt is hand-made by myself. Ammo belt, buckle and holster made by Sines Industries Gloves are from Gwabo. Boots are the same as screen used Nortive 8 slip-on style. Blaster and side-arm are 3D printed - files made by Woodman
  5. Yo, Kasy! I’ll be there in the afternoon too! Would love to see you there my friend! It’s been a while since I’ve trooped with you.
  6. From Legairre’s post on the sign-up page: Here are parking details below The list of people that you sent me will drive to the XL Center parking garage, entrance is across from Rocking Horse Saloon on Ann Uccello. There is a guard at the bottom of the ramp, they will get a sticker from them. From there they go up the ramp back on to Ann Uccello and take a right to park in the Church Street Parking Garage. They need to show the attendant there the prepaid sticker to get in for free. They keep the pass in their car and then on their way out they can give it to the attendant to leave. If they park on the third floor of the garage there is a sky bridge that will bring them right into the XL Center Atrium where I can meet them to then bring them down to their spot. If they have any issues they can call me 518-744-0260.
  7. until

    I think I’ll bring my TK to this one. 😀
  8. Yes I know that those hyperfirm blasters were quite costly and extremely rare. Your price is a great price considering. I’m just not at a point where I could spend that amount right now. I’ll have to stick to my fragile 3D printed blaster, lol. But seriously, somebody will definitely be happy when they buy yours. Even if only for bragging rights! 😉 (Ah-ehmm…Brenda?) @Gian Daro
  9. I’ve always wanted the Hyperfirm ee-3. But I just can’t justify paying that much for a rubber blaster. It’s cool tho. Would be tons better than my fragile 3D printed one.
  10. Swiftcloud

    Yale shoot


    We haven’t been given an exact location yet. All we know is it’s somewhere in New Haven most likely.
  11. Congrats all! Great team, great garrison! Here’s to another wonderful year of events and gatherings. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  12. Boba Fresh will be there! 😀
  13. until

    Can’t wait! This is always a fun weekend!
  14. This is awesome! I can’t wait to see it in person! Great job brother!
  15. I’m sad that we won’t be there. I wish you didn’t change the date. 😭
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