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  1. FORGOT TO PUT IN THE CONNECTICUT (or nearby state) discount. $750 with free meetup/delivery within 45 minutes radius from Enfield, otherwise you'll have to buy me coffee and donuts thereafter. LOL Helmet - WTF, comes with a cool liner, I forgot where I got it from (see pics) Armor - I believe it's a studio Creations armor. boots are size 11 5'10" waist size 30-32, 145lbs This has been approved and made Specialist for SpecOps. Costuming:TX swamptrooper - Databank (501st.com) pictures in the CRL are actual parts. It has been trooped around 5 times since becoming Specialist level. for the current state of the armor please see link for pictures: https://imgur.com/a/vjTbEpA depending on how you see it, they could be weathering or something to touch up. What you'll need: Balaclava, flight suit, vest, maybe a cummerbund if it does not fit. will include freebies: 3D printed holdout blaster and binoculars, a bunch of painted biker scout toys (sorry I will be keeping the SpecOps Specialist coin for now). Looking around $900+actual US only shipping (or meetup in Connecticut) Paypal friends and family preferred (fee applies for Goods and Services)
  2. Cool! Alternatively, you can check out the swamp trooper. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_swamptrooper
  3. In the SpecOps detatchment, there is a Shadow scout, basically an all black scout. It has a TX designation instead of TB. Costuming:TX shadow scout - Databank (501st.com)
  4. @Depeche25 the link will provide instructions on where to upload pictures and other info. it also instructs you on where to send funds.
  5. This is an ongoing run, so you can submit stuff anytime.
  6. Hi i sent you a message. Check your inbox. Thank you!
  7. i heard patches. Lol Welcome Noemi!
  8. I’m in for the 18th
  9. we have an ongoing run for trading cards, that might make your inner child happier.
  10. Did you check darmans props on Etsy. $50
  11. Yes I think I’ll just need one with the helmet off please. You can upload it here.
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