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Maulevolent’s TLJ First Order TK Build

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With over 12+ 501st costumes it’s been a shame that I haven’t done any white armor, so I decided that 2024 will be the year to change that!

I’ve loved the look of the First Order TK since I first saw it on screen, and particularly love the look with the riot baton and shield.  So I’ve taken the plunge!

501st CRL:  https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TLJ

After significant research and multiple build threads, I’m going with the Denuo Novo (DN) armor kit which leans more towards TLJ than TFA, along with the TLJ helmet from DN.  This meant a low cost or budget build thread, as I often aim for Level 2/3 requirements for my own OCD/standards even if I don’t seek that level with the detachments.  

My complete build list with selected and ordered components is outlined below:

Required Costume Components

  • Helmet Denuo Novo The Last Jedi FO Helmet (Standard) - Went with the Standard over Premiere for both cost and weight considerations.
  • Neck Seal Denuo Novo Stormtrooper Neck Seal - While in Rome…
  • Armor Kit Denuo Novo FO Stormtrooper Standard Kit 
  • Gaskets: Denuo Novo Included
  • Gloves:  Endor Finders 
  • Undersuit:  TrooperStore
  • Boots:  KeepTrooping (fka Imperial Boots)

Component Uogrades

  • Back/Yoke:  Ukswrath’s FOTK Shoulder Bell Support Bracket
  • Holster:  R2Dan’s V2 Metal Holster
  • Abdomen Section:  Rogue Repros Zippered Closure
  • Harness:  Tony Jobe’s FOTK Harness from the DN FOTK Kit Building Group on Facebook
  • Pouches:  TrooperBay
  • Gaskets: Thorsson Associates Workshop (TandAWorkshop)  Slipcast Latex Gasket Set

Optional Accessories

  • Riot Baton:  Black Series
  • Riot Shield:  850 Armor Works Kit
  • Blaster:  SE-44C Pistol, will be 3D printed as my sidearm.

Much more to come as orders start to arrive!   I don’t have a clear time table for completion yet but hoping TerrifiCon will be a reasonable target for debut.  

Stay tuned!




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Dude! Looking forward to seeing you in Armor!!! 


So....can you dress as both the TLJ TK and Kylo in one day and give yourself orders?

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11 minutes ago, Feliz said:

Dude! Looking forward to seeing you in Armor!!! 


So....can you dress as both the TLJ TK and Kylo in one day and give yourself orders?

Hmmm, I hadn’t considered that…can we count it as two troops if I do? :)

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I'm so excited! This is gonna be awesome!!!!!

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Pieces and parts are starting to come in!  

Earlier in the week I received the gloves from Endor Finders, Ukswrath’s shoulder bell brackets, and Tony Jobe’s harness kit.  



The Black Series Riot Baton also arrived:



I managed to get in touch with 850 Armor Works for one of their Riot Shield kits and that’s in process.  I also downloaded files for the SE-44C blaster from the FISD forums and started printing the pieces for that:


Then today, about 5 days after I ordered, the BBB from Denuo Novo showed up at the door along with the helmet and neck seal!


Still several things on order but I’ll start unboxing soon and should be able to start the trimming process!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I've been reluctant to break into the armor boxes just yet as I need to finish a few other projects and setup my workshop for the build before I start trimming.  But in the interim, I'm continuing to accumulate various pieces and parts.  As I mentioned, I'm targeting Level 3/Centurion requirements for this build, so several things go well beyond the basic requirements.

My upgraded rubber gaskets arrived from TandAWorkshop.  These are slipcast latex gaskets and they arrived untrimmed and still coated in release agent.  This is the after photo after a couple of hours of trimming and cleanup:


I'm still going to go over them a couple more times with rubber cleaner/conditioner.  Also, my undersuit arrived from TrooperStore, which has the rubberized material for the shorts meeting level 3 requirements integrated.  I'm really happy with the fit and finish and also that it has a two-way zip for those future bio breaks.  I went up several sizes (XXL) based on their size charts and reviews that consistently mentioned the suits ran small.  I'm 5'11 and 210 with broad shoulders and while it's a little loose in the arms, lengthwise and overall the fit is great:


My upgraded pouches from TrooperBay also arrived (as the long pouch with the DN kit is undersized), as well as my functional metal holster from R2Dan:

IMG_9406.thumb.jpg.756229fed0e6b431b737787a414ec226.jpg IMG_9413.thumb.jpg.a3a3b5eb418eb255c28131b919ab1329.jpg


Speaking of holsters, I'm working on printing the SE-44C pistol for the sidearm using The5thHorseman's files on the FISD forums.  I decided to print and finish two of them, one for my kit and the other will be donated for a daily raffle prize at Terrificon this year.  Still a few more pieces to print for the visor/sight then the joy of sanding and assembly will begin:



Finally, I did get a shipping notice from KeepTrooping that my boots are on the way, and I started printing a more accurate (and lighter) TLJ thermal detonator for the armor kit.  Hopefully more on both of those things in the next update as well as maybe unboxing at least the DN helmet.



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  • 3 weeks later...

So I have a couple updates but hoping to start the actual build soon now that things are settling down.

I went ahead and printed a more accurate (and lighter!) TLJ thermal detonator to replace the resin one with the kit.  Still needs to be finished and painted:


I also printed accurate ridged rails for the TLJ forearms with a hole for the Allen key dome hex bolt:



Lastly, the raw pull for the riot shield came in from 850 Armor Works to add to the pile to be trimmed and finished:



More to come!

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