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  1. That was an amazing event! Thank you for having us!
  2. I plan on bringing a deck or two as well
  3. I did a thing. Unfortunately, I ran out of daylight, so I’m going to let it dry overnight and hopefully the weather will cooperate for the next few days so that I can get the gloss on. Honestly, this was the most nerve wracking thing I’ve done (call me over dramatic) but I feel accomplished with the work done today.
  4. WIP update! Well, if you read the post on Facebook, you know what’s happened. For those who don’t, I used some plastic weld putty to attach the “shelf” to my jawbone. This was holding and setting up well, or so I thought. I removed the tape, everything was holding together and the following morning, the whole lower jaw had fallen apart. I was devastated. But, we carry on with our builds, right? So a few dabs of E6000 later, and we’re ready for the putty stage. As we speak it is currently setting up on the helmet, but here’s the jawbone before the putty. I’m definitely going to have to air out the workshop from that stuff.
  5. The latest report is showing 1/3” over the course of the day, which is a significant improvement from this morning, but you know how New England weather goes. If you don’t like it, give it five minutes. I’ll play it by ear in the morning, but as of now, I plan on reporting to the flight deck (possibly with my clipboard). As much as Friar Utinni would enjoy this venue, it took about a week for my Jawa to fully dry and air out from the last rainy event.
  6. until

    I’m keeping an eye on the weather for the weekend and it looks like Saturday will be, yet another, wet one. Command, I’m assuming that the venue will keep us posted as to what they are doing, but would we move this to Sunday if Saturday is a total washout?
  7. I think we should make this a sabacc night!
  8. until

    I would love to have my gunner done for this troop. The helmet looks so much like a frog mouth helm and it would fit right in to the general ambiance.
  9. WIP Wednesday! So with much butthole puckering, I have started the final shaping of my jawbone. I’m still convinced that things are going to go HORRIBLY wrong but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. Next step is to trim out the inside (my face needs to fit somewhere in there) and then permanently attach it and hit it with bondo(?), putty(?), and then sand it down flush and repaint it with a high gloss black. I can feel the ulcer growing as we speak. Wish me luck!
  10. until

    So who’s going as what?
  11. So, I did a thing tonight. The upper part of the helmet is based off a WWII naval helmet that has a widows peak and this particular spot is a straight edge on the visor. It still need to be cleaned up and leveled, but it’s progressing along. I’ll be picking up the electronics for my com box soon and once that is installed along with the greebles, I can call that piece done.
  12. I will add this to resources. When I made my boots, I used a pair of $10 heavy duty rain boots that I got from Walmart. I took a 3/8 drill bit and put holes throughout the boots so that they look like a pair of crocs and then wrapped them with the remaining material from my robes. These boots are the coolest part of my costume and the vents work beautifully. I would highly recommend them!
  13. Walt’s Trooper Factory is on Facebook and you can message him directly from there. That’s the best way I have found to get ahold of him.
  14. until

    You’re going to be a huge hit!
  15. until

    Current weather is showing possible rain for Sunday. Will this be a rain or shine event?
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