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New Haven St. Patrick's Day Parade - March 12, 2022

Event details




The New Haven St. Patrick's Day Parade is the largest, single-day spectator event in the State of Connecticut, and one of our longest running troops. The 2022 parade saw the begining of a great relationship between all of the Connecticut Star Wars Groups.  Lets have an even better 2023!:)

There will also be a post-parade dinner

Click on the "trooping" bit on post here so we can log you on the troop tracker, but also please put your name on the spreadsheet so we can figure out all attendees.

Link to sign up for the parade and dinner is here.


AFTER PARADE DINNER - PLEASE MAKE PAYMENTS VIA PAYPAL TO TREASURY@CTG501.COM.  Cost is $22.00 if paying friends and family.  $25 if paying Goods and services.  If your name is on the list you're responsible for your part of the cost!



PARKINGParking for Participants ONLY is available at the Granite Square Parking Garage. The parking structure is located
at 690 State Street, New Haven CT 06511 between Audubon Street & Trumbull Street. The entrance to this lot is
via State Street ONLY. One occupant vehicles will not be permitted to park in this lot. (IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY NOBODY CHECKS)

Yale University Parking Lot #16 & #22 have been reserved for one occupant vehicles. Yale Lots # 16 & 22 are located at the intersection of
Whitney Avenue & Humphrey Street. Entrance from Whitney Avenue.

Shuttle buses will be available for transportation to the assembly area from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. from both parking areas There will be no return
shuttle buses at the end of the parade.

We'd like to have everyone ready and suited up by the time the first shuttle roles out, so plan your arrival to accommodate this. A 9:30 - 10am arrival may be best to avoid traffic and complications and to ensure you have space to park.  I'm a big fan of "the earlier the better" so nobody ends up in any kind of rush.  There will likely be some standing around and general milling about and drinking coffee in the lot before we start getting dressed in earnest, but it's a lot better than rushing around.  

We are being bussed to the staging area, so there won't be anywhere for you to store anything.  Whatever you have with you when you leave the lot will be with you for the rest of the day.

Each Member participating NEEDS to bring a copy the attached parade order / parking pass to be able to park, so do not forget it  - Usually nobody checks but bring it just in case.

There will NOT be any shuttle buses returning to the Yale Lot 16 at the end of the Parade.

The end of the parade is about a 2 block walk from the parking garage


We are Order 66... heh... in the parade. 

Find attached:

Parade Rules:2023 GNSPDP Parade Orders.Rules.Regulations.pdf

Parking Pass: 2023 Confirmation GNHSPDP - Parking & Vehicle.pdf

Parade Lineup: 2023 PARADE LINEUP BY NUMBER GNHSPDP 3-9-23.pdf

Assembly Areas:  2023 Line Assembly Map, Final.pdf

Parade Route: Final_1_Parade Route.pdf

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