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  1. until

    I will be there in costume as well, but I will be there for a program on behalf of the Ct Science Center.
  2. Me and Rich are here. It's sprinkling but not bad. They are just having parking in the main parking. We will be in our TKs Also the parking lot is muddy, be careful not to get stuck. Also Branden who is friends with the faire owners told them we may have members coming both days this weekend and they are okay with it. So troopers will be welcome Sunday too.
  3. Technically the faire is open rain or shine. They are still hoping for some troopers. But time travelers is both days so people could go sunday too, This is unofficial, just saying what I know from my faire friends.
  4. I will be helping with this. If we could get one more TK that would be great!!
  5. until

    How many storm troopers will there be for this troop signed up? I don't know everyones forum names vs costumes. I think they want one or two TK for the fight sequence. I just want to make sure we have TK's here and the Islanders game.
  6. My mando is sintra but I have never had that happen before. Might have been a different type. Chips and rough edges are okay for battle damage but stringy looking fraying wouldn't because it's supposed to metal. See if you can sand or even heat it possibly.
  7. until

    I have a black bowtie for my TK
  8. I found a fabric at JoAnns that worked really well as a neck seal without being all stiff like the rubber ones. It's not quite as exact but it works and looks just as good. If you're interested
  9. until

    Also Lightsabers are OKAY to bring!
  10. until

    More info here: For the background check, it is just a local CT check , in order for it to get done we will just need your name and email address to send you a link to give permission for the check. It takes two days so if we could have the email addresses by next Tuesday that would be great! I know its a hassle but even vendors and any outside volunteers that come in are required to do so. It's weird. So I thank anyone who are willing to join! It will be a casual fun night
  11. until

    Is this for both the 8th and 9th? I would only be able to help out on Saturday the 8th morning until about 1pm. I can't be there the 9th??
  12. until

    I will be there all weekend. I probably will get my own pass and pop in and hang around the booth at random times because my brother will have a dealers table so I will bounce back and forth.?? I am determined to get my new TK finished by this event!??
  13. until

    A Saturday event that I can actually make!! I would love to come as my Mandalorian. I'll bring Grogu with me ??
  14. until

    So unfortunately I wont be able to come Sunday ??An??event that got washed out last sunday got moved to this weekend. But I will be there tomorrow afternoon after work to hang out!! I can get my own ticket since that is the busy day. But I still want to thank you so much for keeping me in mind with the tickets earlier, you guys are the best ????????I can't wait to see you guys!??
  15. until

    Hey guys!??Long time no see!?? If you have any passes for Sunday after the members get theirs,??I can be??be in kit for either one of the shifts. (Mando or twilek??Jedi whichever is preferred)?? If there are no passes left, I will probably just get my own and attend the con anyway, so I can help out and hang around the table whenever you need.?? Just let me know, thanks!! Can't wait to see you guys again!!
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