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  1. Welcome and safe travels when you come! We would love to have you at our troops and look forward to meeting you. Good luck in your research as well! New Haven has many nice spots to visit and eat at! Will definitely have to share some recommendations for you 😄
  2. From Andy Tedesco of ECG Hey CTG! We’d love to reciprocate the invitation to the St Patrick’s Parade in NH with an invitation to the NYC Pride Parade to your garrison, here’s the info https://forum.501ecg.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=topic&id=7946 If anyone in CTG is interested please head over to the 501st ECG forums and let them know!
  3. Hi Gian a Legion ID is a number that is recieved once a costume has been completed and approved by the 501st Legion. Until you complete an approved costume and receive that number that part of your profile will remain unfinished. It doesn’t effect the use of the forums so don’t worry. Hope this helps.
  4. This looks so sick and hope all works out in the few areas you need fixed still. @Swiftcloud any chance with your boba situation you could be of any help with resources or information?
  5. I think I am gonna go as Del Meeko: Inferno Squad for this one! Never really wear him but this event I may try and do some photography/wrangle as well.
  6. Very great day and thank you to all groups both near and far who came out to join us! We hope to have you again and look forward to also heading out to events near you.
  7. My friend Kristina is also bringing her friend who does wrangling/photos for ECG and his name is Adam FYI
  8. Actually switching costume to Del Meeko Inferno Squad as Kristina Murtha TI-91734 from ECG will be joining us as Iden Versio.
  9. Okay, if you can contact the student here is their number 609-865-8411. Do we have anyone else who would be willing to help? Deadline for this is February 22nd, so basically today by the time someone may read this.
  10. Hi all, a local college student reached out to us and I am posting this here to see if anyone would like to help him out. His deadline for knowing for help would be February 22nd. Please read below for information. Hello, My name is Jacen Januseski. I am a Sophomore film major at Fairfield University in Connecticut, and for my fantasy class this semester I will be directing a Star Wars fan film. A part of my film requires the presence of two Stormtroopers. I am sending this message to see if the 501st in Connecticut would be willing to provide these troopers for me. It would be a few hours on Saturday, February 25th between 12-4pm at Fayerweather Island in Bridgeport, CT. Lunch will be provided and credit for the 501st Legion will be given at the end of the film. This film has been a passion of mine for over a year now, so it would be an honor and a privilege to have the Garrison present to help bring my vision to life. I would also like to mention that none of the actors, Stormtroopers will be required to fall over or risk causing any damage or dirtiness to their suits. I understand that you have put much care and money into making these costumes as screen-accurate as possible, so I will ensure that the suits depart in the same condition as their arrival. Thank you for your consideration, and if you decide to be a part of this film, more specific details will be provided. Have a good day! Best, Jacen Januseski
  11. I’ll be there as TROS Kylo, tho with my job this may change, but for now I’m going!
  12. Helmet looks great Jerred! Keep it up bro, you always get the craftsmanship of these costumes to an amazing level of detail!
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