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The Connecticut Renaissance Faire October 8th 9am-5pm


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Event Name: ??The Connecticut Renaissance Faire
Venue: ??Lebanon Country Fairgrounds
Venue address: ??122 Mack Road
??????????????????????????????Lebanon, Connecticut
Event Start: ??10/8/2022 ??- 10:30 am
Event End: ??????10/10/2022 ??- 5:00 pm
Event Website: ??https://www.ctfaire.com
Expected number of attendees: ??12,000
Requested number of characters: ??30
Requested character types:??
Secure changing/staging area: Yes
Can troopers carry blasters: Yes
Can troopers carry/bring props like lightsabers and staffs: Yes
Is parking available: Yes
Is venue accessible to those with limited mobility: Yes
Amenities available at venue: Flush toilets
Lunch is provided in a limited window at our Green Room.
We have a private area where members can get out of site of the general public to sit and rest.

The 24th annual Connecticut Renaissance Faire is an enchanted recreation of a 16th-century harvest festival as one might have been in the days of yore.

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire offers FREE PARKING to guests with a kind donation requested by local nonprofits as a fundraiser. Paying for parking is done at the discretion of the visitor. While the weather is always a factor, these fundraisers are highly successful and positively impact the communities they serve. The nonprofit keeps 100% of its earnings from coordinating the parking lot and guiding cars to park.

Some of our long-time patrons and friends are members of the 501st who attend the Faire annually as Storm Troopers and other Empire members. They pointed us in your direction. We request the presence of the 501st to assist the town of Lebanon's Project Graduation with parking cars on October 8, 9, and 10. These dates are our "Time Travelers" themed weekend, filling our streets with exciting characters. We hope your presence will boost the fundraiser, making it their most successful year.

The folks at Project Graduation would communicate with guests about the fundraiser and collect donations. Members of the 501st would guide cars into parking places to assist the fundraiser from 9 am to 3 pm. It would take around six people to run the parking lot smoothly.

We'd love to see at least 18-20 stormtroopers allowing each group to do a 2-hour parking shift, and then the rest of their time is spent inside the Faire. Inside the Faire, the stormtroopers can march in the parade at 1:15 pm and protect the king and queen by patrolling behind them or standing guard during jousts. We also know the stormtroopers are popular for photo ops on their own.

On Saturday, October 8, we are hosting an after-hours Halloween Party for adults 18+. Parking on this day runs a few hours later than usual (from 8 am to 5 pm). We invite all assisting members of the 501st to attend this Halloween Party that begins at 6:30 pm.

While we can't guarantee media coverage, we will submit a media release to local outlets to get coverage of the 501st assisting with the fundraiser. We are approximately 30 minutes from many prominent media outlets like Channel 3 News, NBC 30, the Hartford Courant, the Willimantic Chronicle, and more.??

We feel that stormtroopers would have the best look to handle parking, but know that any characters from the Empire would be well received. If you have a Darth Vader, Bounty Hunters, or other dark side characters, we welcome them, too. If you cannot get the numbers you need, even just a single interactive character where the nonprofit is collecting donations would make a difference.
Referred by: ??Several of your members are friends and attend annually.

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