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  1. I can't make Saturday at all now...let's hope the rain doesn't come at all !
  2. Sunday is better (for me)...anyone else? The weather is looking good for Sunday.
  3. until

    https://ctfaire.com/ Btw, the event location is listed as 122 Mack Road in Lebanon.
  4. Jimbo

    FS: RT-97C

    Price drop to $400...
  5. until

    Looking forward to this ! Can't see why she wouldn't be allowed... Best way I found was to park and come thru the back gate. No issues. Itsa short walk to the mess hall/changing area from there.
  6. until

    Jerred and I are a go....
  7. Willkommen in unserem Staat...es wird dir hier geffallen 🙂 Tschuss !
  8. until

    A bit far away to totally commit but I'll sign up in anticipation that I can make it. I could be deployed to Africa or Greece for my jobby !
  9. Jimbo

    FS: RT-97C

    Selling another piece from my weapons collection....3D printed in 2021. It does break down but it's best to leave it assembled as it takes a few different tools and some time to put back together. Instructions included. It is Legion approvable for a few Imperial costumes . Sandies and clean Stormtroopers have been seen carrying these. Super light too for easy trooping. For my SWAT approval at the MEPD I am sticking with my DLT-19. I may regret selling as this one is really nice ! Background info: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/RT-97C_heavy_blaster_rifle/Legends $450 OBO....no shipping - pickup or meet only.
  10. Is anyone planning on trooping? I'd like to go, but not alone. I realize we do not have a presence there with a table...
  11. Update: I can potentially do Sunday - late morning to mid-afternoon. Saturday I have a wedding to go to for 3 so only a morning troop 9-12 for me, if there is one.
  12. Question: How long is this parade?...a mile?...2 miles?
  13. Now...free to someone aspiring to be a clone trooper !
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