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  1. Jimbo's tenure is done as one of the GCL...thanks !
  2. Before I go for any approvals...are there any other STs in the CTG? I don't really like the pants (too big) and the boots (too small)...
  3. B, in the last indy 'movie' Andy T, John H and I were in a few years ago with Columbia University...its was mostly waiting around in costume before the shoots. I think in the 8 or so total hours we were there, maybe 2 hours we were actually working in front of the cameras.
  4. Could you mebbe fit 3 troopers in your starship?
  5. https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipP54HYEYJrnZNApvADNYMoS-CT9htboWqaEuB-dWn39aymcBcQSjKiO9KemgghQsA?key=VEtyZTBON0psTWFOdVgtNFRmb2dHaXpwMTMtLTNn It was fun, NEG did a nice job!
  6. Oh man, this sounds fun; but its my wife and I's 22nd anniversary too. IDK , mebbe. Might be my last anniversary if I go !! Whatchu going wear, neu armor or the Thrawn ? I hope this happens !!
  7. This is not an official CTG event; it is an official NEG event. Any 501st approved member can sign up and join. I hope you decide to go Brenda. 👍 Looks like there will be double the troopers from last year's event too...close to 50.
  8. Sweet ! 👍 See you there then Alana...
  9. I am planning on going to meet up with some SW buds...anyone want to tag along with me? Sports events like these are always a fav of mine. LMK, text at 860.202.4554 🙂 https://www.501neg.com/events/event/2406-worcester-railers-hockey-worcester-ma/
  10. Sunday is better (for me)...anyone else? The weather is looking good for Sunday.
  11. until

    https://ctfaire.com/ Btw, the event location is listed as 122 Mack Road in Lebanon.
  12. Jimbo

    FS: RT-97C

    Price drop to $400...
  13. until

    Looking forward to this ! Can't see why she wouldn't be allowed... Best way I found was to park and come thru the back gate. No issues. Itsa short walk to the mess hall/changing area from there.
  14. until

    Jerred and I are a go....
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