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  1. Ok everyone today is the day. Yahoo!! So according to Mitch he is giving a list at the door of our names so we can get in past the line and get dressed early. If you need a ticket call either of the numbers on this post and someone will bring one out for you. See you there.??
  2. I added your name to the list fior??Saturday. I needed to for the people at the door. Don???t worry about the time slot.??
  3. I don???t??think the 9 to 1:30 is correct. I will keep an eye on the website for set up times on Friday
  4. until

    I???ll be there the whole time.??
  5. Lol was wondering what the mailman was delivering. Yay!!??
  6. The Captain says I miss you all. #4
  7. Yep all mine. I have a collecting problem. Lol Kept buying the $75 mystery hoping to get a sound one. Then paid $200 mystery that guaranteed sound. Then bought one I liked and really wanted. Yes??8 Jedi.????They are pretty decent light sabers.??
  8. You could get the $75 mystery box. Don???t know what your going to get.??
  9. Did someone say Ultrasaber?
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